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FitIt Pebble Pro for FitBit®

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Android Widget with Pebble smartwatch support for Fitbit®Now you can have a Pebble watchface or watchapp with Fitbit data shown using this widget. Your Pebble acts like a mini dashboard for your Fitbit wristband!
FitIt Pebble Pro widget is built on top of our popular FitIt Pro widget. You have all the widgets on your Home screen plus now you can have a Pebble smartwatch to display your progress.The ultimate widget for FitBit android users to keep track of progress in the Home screen. You can place 12 different resizable widgets (between 4x1, 3x1 and 2x1) in the Home screen. Tap on a widget; then it will launch the FitBit application to easily access your activities and calories. (Tapping the main "FitIt Pro" widget still displays the Settings for options and colors.) You can also personalize the widgets with your favorite color. You have 20 color themes to choose from (Default, Antique, Cadet Blue, Coral, Corn Silk, Dark Olive, Fire Brick, Golden Rod, Hot Pink, Indian Red, Ivory, Maroon, Orange, Orchid, Plum, Purple, Spring Green, Steel Blue, Turquoise and Tan).
Whats new:- support Fitbit SURGE, CHARGE HR, CHARGE, FLEX and more.
On Android device: 1) FitIt Pro widget (Automatically rotates every 20 sec; tap this widget opens Settings) 2) Device widget (Displays the last sync, alarm & battery status for tracker) 3) Steps widget 4) Distance widget 5) Calories burned widget 6) Sleep widget 7) Food Calories intake widget 8) Water consumption widget 9) Active Minutes widget10) Weight widget11) Floors widget12) Scale widget (Displays the last sync, & battery status for scale)
On Pebble:Data- Active Minutes and Goal- Battery for Device and Scale- Calories burned and Goal- Distance and Goal- Food Calories intake and Goal- Steps and Goal- Water consumption and Goal- Weight and Goal- Sleep and number of wake
Images- Activity, Calories burned, Device, Distance, Food, Sleep, Stairs, Steps, Water and Weight
Installation setup: FitIt-Pro is a set of Widgets. You will find 11 widgets under App/Widget tray after purchasing from Google Play. (tap on "App" button from Home screen and select 'WIDGETS' tab). Drag & drop one of FitIt Pro widgets on Home screen will initiate the installation process. Please follow the instruction.
Once linked, then your Fitbit data is available for your Pebble smartwatch. The widgets are plugin for Pebble Canvas. Please install Pebble Canvas. ( Using the Pebble Canvas, you can create new dynamic watchface or watch app with your data & images.
Recommendation:- We recommend to have a good internet data connection at initial setup. FitIt-Pro Widget may experience timeout due to poor connection and results to an incomplete setup. If happens, then uninstall the FitIt-Pro Widget from Settings->Apps and wait few minutes before download the widget from Google Play.
Note: Some Android device manufactures modify the Home Screen so the widget tray may be hidden and hard to find. Please consult your device's user guide for widgets.
Note: If you don't see the FitIt Pro widget after installation, please uninstall and reinstall again. Some devices, most notably Samsung devices, fail to register the FitIt widget at the first time. It needs to be reinstalled to recognize the widgets.
Disclaimer:No warranty is expressed or implied that the application or its author is liable in any manner for any direct, incidental, indirect or punitive damages arising out of your access, use or inability to use this application, or any errors or omissions in this information on this application. Author shall not be liable to you or to any other third party for any additional, modification, suspension or discontinuance of the application.